safety is more than just a critical component—it’s our overriding culture, a consideration in everything we do.

Safety in Every Step

There is no question that safety is a critical component for any company that deals with structural concrete construction and utility infrastructure. The difference at Trice is that safety is more than just a critical component—it’s our overriding culture. Safety is a consideration in everything we do. At Trice, we do more than comply with safety standards—we seek ways to excel in safety performance by approaching our work with a focus on the following:

Our Safety Approach

Extensive Training

Our training goes well beyond industry standards for all our team members, including:

  • Comprehensive written program training
  • 30/10 Hours of OSHA Training
  • First AID/CPR Training
  • Pre-Job Briefings, Job Hazard Analysis, and Site Specific Training
  • “All Hands” Safety Meeting Coordination Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment Training
  • Traffic Control Training

Special precautions

At the start of every day, we identify any and all potential issues, such as equipment operations, cables and controls, any hazards above, proper use of shoring, weather concerns and more. The team reviews each job daily using a task hazard analysis that identifies all potential safety concerns at the job site.

Attention to surroundings

We deliver quality work with specific attention to empowering employees to contribute to our proactive approach to safety by ensuring the use of personal protective equipment and a thorough review and understanding of the terrain and environment before the start of any job.