Having a sound structure is one of the most important aspects of construction is something that Trice takes very seriously. Take a look at our past Structural projects:

Advocate Christ Hospital

Chicago, IL

Owner:Power Construction Company, LLC
Prime Contractor:Abbey Paving & Sealcoating

Trice Construction was hired to complete all the vertical concrete scope of work on this project as a subcontractor to Abbey Paving. The work included creating all the concrete walls as the interior structure to be covered with granite and precast concrete finishes by a masonry contractor.

These walls consisted of a raingarden, decorative retaining wall enclosing a user plaza, two bench seatwalls to enjoy the plaza, an exposed concrete cheek wall to support steps, and the very intricate multi-level, multi-shelved water feature with bubblers, pools and waterfalls. The coordination with the plumber, water feature installer, and masonry trades was priority given the precision of Trice Construction’s carpentry in framing this water feature.